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Long-Term Drug Rehab

long term treatment

Most of the time, people who enter treatment for their drug addiction, adults especially, have no intention of ever coming back into a treatment program again.  However, studies estimate that as many as 60% of all adults who receive treatment in a drug rehab program will relapse and require further treatment and care.  Every story of addiction survival is different, but for many the stories of how the survival came into play are quite similar.  Adults who do recover from addiction often tout long-term drug rehab as the reason why they finally achieved success in their recovery goals.

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What is Long-Term Drug Rehab?

Many drug rehab programs only provide a couple of weeks or months of treatment.  In fact, most inpatient rehab programs are either 30, 60 or 90 days long.  Studies show that programs should be at least 90 days in order to promote real behavioral change and for many, even this isn’t long enough.  For adults who are addicted to highly physically addictive drugs such as opiates or heroin, the time in which it takes to fully overcome physical dependence may be close to the 90 day point. This leaves almost no time for counseling to help heal the psychological wounds that are caused by or which were at the root cause of the addiction.

Long-term drug rehab programs are typically more than 90 days and usually last for a period of 6 months or longer.  Many of these programs span the course of a year or more offering patients plenty of time to overcome physical dependence & receive adequate counseling and therapy to aid in their recovery from addiction.  Unlike standard treatment programs which may not provide the necessary time for an adult to fully recover, long-term drug rehab programs ensure a greater chance of success because adults are able to heal on both a physical and psychological level.

Consider this:  For most adults, it didn’t take a couple of weeks to become addicted to drugs and in most cases, the addiction hasn’t only lasted a couple of weeks—so why should treatment only last a few weeks?

Long-term drug rehab programs help adults to learn complete lifestyle and behavioral change that ensures their greatest chance of staying sober for life.  This is why so many adults who have relapsed in the past now say that their recovery success can be attributed to their decision to seek the help of a long-term drug rehabilitation program.

Many long term treatment programs offer adults a stress free sober living environment that assists them in getting their lives back on track even after treatment.  Some provide employment assistance and education to aid recovering addicts in gaining the skills necessary to find a better job when they finish treatment.  Most offer safe and sober housing which is often unavailable to adults who have sunken deep into the life of addiction and all offer long-term follow up care to ensure the greatest possible chance of successful recovery from addiction.

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