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Inpatient Drug Rehab

inpatient drug rehab

Many adults find that the stress of being at home is simply too much to handle while also trying to place a commitment and focus on getting (and staying) sober.  For those who have already tried other methods of treatment or who are simply too distracted at home, inpatient drug rehab is the ideal choice.  These programs have their benefits and their conflicts, most of which depend individual on each person who chooses treatment.  For some, inpatient drug rehab is the greatest possible chance at making a full recovery while for others, these programs may be more invasive than necessary.

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What is it?

Inpatient drug rehab for adults is a form of residential treatment in which the addict will enter a facility where he or she will live for a period of 30-90 days or more while receiving around-the-clock monitoring, therapy & counseling that is aimed at reducing physical & psychological dependence on drugs.  Inpatient drug rehab is a rather aggressive method of treatment that is ideal for adults who are heavily addicted to drugs, have already suffered great consequences as a result of their addiction and maybe even have already tried less invasive methods of treatment with little success.

Benefits of Inpatient Drug Rehab

For adults, the benefits of inpatient drug rehab focus largely on the ability for an adult to take a step back, forget about the pressures of paying bills and caring for children or going to work each day and spend more time on their recovery.  Because every aspect of an inpatient rehabilitation program is structured in a way that promotes recovery (meals are healthy, time is provided for rest & relaxation, counseling & therapy is provided to assist in psychological recovery) adults who take part in an inpatient drug treatment program are often able to recover more quickly and they usually maintain sobriety for a longer period of time than with a less invasive program such as outpatient treatment.

Inpatient drug rehab offers the added benefit of around-the-clock monitoring and support.  Patient monitoring by a nurse, doctor or other professional can ensure the safety of adults during treatment and can also reduce the chances of relapse occurring while in the treatment program.  By restricting access outside of the treatment facility, adults cannot get their hands on drugs or alcohol which would result in their relapse—this is an added benefit of treatment in an inpatient program.

Who can it help?

Counseling and therapy are the foundation for all means of adult drug treatment and this is true in inpatient rehab as well.  Adults who have tried other methods of treatment, have a major physical dependence on drugs, suffer from co-occurring health conditions or are a threat to others can benefit greatly from the help provided at an inpatient drug rehabilitation program.  There’s an age old conception that an addict must hit rock bottom before treatment will actually help—this is wrong!  Adults who have already suffered consequences as a result of their addiction can immediately benefit from the counseling, behavioral therapy, support and care that is provided in an inpatient drug rehab program.

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